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hello mam, im a post graduate in the stream of mechanical engineering. im unable to find any kind of industrial oriented jobs. im very much passionate about my stream but i need a source to gothrough

by mounika naidu from hyderabad

Machines make our lives easier. We use them every day: simple machines like levers or wheels up to complex systems like cars or computers. And most of those machines were designed, prototyped, and manufactured through the efforts of engineers.

Engineers are now perfecting machines that can perform very delicate operations, including surgery on living people. They are also working on ways to make machines smarter, smart enough to take over very complex tasks such a driving a car.

Engineering is shaping the future with machines that we can interact with in different ways. Right now we have computer tablets and phones with touch screens, video game consoles that sense your body movement, and cars that can park themselves. Imagine the machines of the future!

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