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So I am currently pursuing my degree in Environmental Engineering and this is my question. What subjects/ skills do I really need to know really well?

by Jesse from Jacksonville fl

I just feel like I am not "smart" enough to be successful in that field sometimes. Reason being is because it is such broad field.

Imagine a class: where all the students are in different places - even different countries; where your history lesson about life in ancient Rome includes a virtual field trip to a street market beside the Coliseum; where your book report includes a video interview with the author. It may sound like science fiction, but it's not.

Engineers are helping to shape the future right now by developing new and exciting ways to use technology to help people learn.

Virtual reality and advanced training simulators have changed the way some people train for careers - astronauts, pilots, race car drivers, even doctors. New communication technologies are making it easier for people with different skills and knowledge to share information and become better at what they do.

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