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There are less than 20 bobsleigh tracks in the entire world approved by the sport's international governing organization.

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Exactly how much math do you have to take in order to become an Environmental Engineer?

by Cherokee Senevisai from YPAC / Minneapolis MN

I am a Sophmore in high school trying to find a passion and I've always been gravitated towards our environment. I am not the biggest fan of Math and next year ill be taking PreCalc even though I struggle with math. Would this be the job for me?

Civil engineers design and supervise the creation of structures. Not just buildings - civil engineers work on everything from tunnels and dams, to highways and airports, to water and sewer systems. They use computer technologies and advanced materials to design structures that meet the needs of a growing population while protecting the environment, reducing the dangers from natural phenomenon like storms, and considering future needs of the community.


A four-year college degree is required for most civil engineering jobs. Many civil engineers specialize in structural, hydraulic, water resources, environmental, transportation, or management positions and will seek engineering degrees specific to those fields.


You are a Civil Engineer, if you: 

  • Can listen to people's concern and express their worries accurately to others
  • Are good at networking to get the information you need
  • Can influence people 
  • Have a good grasp of physics and math 
  • Enjoy speaking to groups and moderating or facilitating discussions
  • Will eagerly learn all the latest technology
  • Are fascinated with how to move large numbers of people around efficiently 
  • Take the initiative to get things done. 


Anywhere people build things, you can find civil engineers. Some work in offices, others on construction sites. Depending on the project, civil engineers can work regular business hours or longer.


The average annual salary for an entry-level civil engineer is $61,418.*


  • Ensure safe drinking water by managing a community’s water reservoir
  • Develop an art museum that provides state-of-the-art protection for paintings
  • Cut down on airport delays by designing a better runway system
  • Design the structure of one of the world’s tallest skyscrapers
  • Build cheap, sturdy shelters for victims of hurricanes and flooding
*Source: 2015
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