Brianna Medema, P.E.
Brianna Medema, P.E.
Project Manager, Zion Engineering
Parker, CO

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I am a Project Manager for an Oil and Gas, Midstream Consulting company. I graduated with a BS in Engineering, Chemical Concentration in 2008 and have worked in various aspects of the Oil and Gas industry. I started out working on a Produced Water Recycling plant in Colorado, moved to Washington and worked at a refinery and then moved into the space between these two! The main projects that I have been working on recently involve permitting, design and engineering crude oil and natural gas transportation by buried pipeline with facilities on both ends. The life-cycle of oil is that it is extracted by a well, goes into a gathering system, then into a transportation and processing system (either a refinery or a gas plant) then into a transportation system to your house or gas station. The buried pipeline systems take a while to permit and build but are a safer system than other transportation methods (railroad, or by tanker truck). They are relatively expensive to build, but cheap to operate. I started working as a Chemical Engineer, then a Process Engineer, to a Project Engineer, now I am a Project Manager. I have gone from working mostly independently to running a team that completes projects. The projects are brought to the company I work for, an Engineering Consulting Company, by either Producers or Midstream companies who will own the pipelines after construction. This Consulting work brings a large variety of projects and each day or project is different! In my personal life, I am married to a Mechanical Engineer and a mother to a 2 year old boy. My husband works part time while I work full time. When I was in school, I loved puzzles, word problems, and science. No one in my family was an engineer and I didn't know it was something that would fit my life so well! A high school math teacher recommended I try studying engineering, and I could not be happier!
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  • Izzy, Cincinnati asked Brianna Medema, P.E., Zion Engineering

    Added Sunday, September 18, 2016 at 6:03 PM

    What do you wear to work?
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  • Henrico, Singapore

    Added Wednesday, August 24, 2016 at 11:25 AM

    Hi there, may I know what is the difference between what a Chemical Engineer and an Environmental Engineer does? What is the fine line that separates these two?
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    Brianna Medema, P.E., Zion Engineering
    Answered Wednesday, August 24, 2016 at 11:25 AM
    I graduated from a school that offered 5 different engineering concentrations: Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil & Environmental.  The Environmental concentration people took a few chemistry classes but it was mostly a Civil Engineering degree with ...
  • Ruth, Toronto asked Brianna Medema, P.E., Zion Engineering

    Added Tuesday, August 23, 2016 at 2:13 PM

    Hello, I'm entering Grade 11 and I want to be a lawyer in the future. I originally wanted to major in chemical engineering before applying to law school. However, I know engineering is a difficult and heavy major and I need a good GPA to apply to law school. Since you are a chemical engineer, I was wondering if you think it is still wise to pursue engineering as opposed to business. I would like to note that so far I have maintained a fairly high average at school and do enjoy math and science, ...
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