Engineers will be pivotal to solving one of the biggest challenges our planet faces: developing sustainable energy sources for our ever-increasing power needs. They are also essential to developing structures and technologies that are more energy efficient.

When you think of energy, you are probably thinking about electricity. That’s the power that charges your phone, runs your television or computer, and keeps the refrigerator in your kitchen humming. But energy also comes in the form of gasoline or fuel to run our cars and natural gas to heat our homes and run our stoves.

Engineers in many different fields work on projects and problems related to energy. Right now they are designing new materials to capture energy, developing new batteries to store it, creating more energy-efficient appliances, and building machines that work on alternate energy sources.

Whatever our energy needs of the future may be, engineering will be essential to meeting them.

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  • Mavis Sika Okyere
    Pipeline Integrity Engineer
    Ghana National Gas Company Ltd
  • Fateme Rezaei
    Assistant Professor
    Missouri University of Science & Technology
  • Anita Riddle
    Senior Advisor
    Spring, TX, United States
  • Jesse Babbra
    Electrical Design Engineer
    Patrick Engineering
    Wheaton, IL, United States
  • Ruth Gay
    Energy Engineer
    Environmental Systems Corporation
    Farmington, CT, United States
  • Sarah Iddles
    Graduate Engineer
    SP Energy Networks
    Motherwell, United Kingdom
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  • Azar Eslam-Panah
    Assistant Professor
    Penn State University
    PA, United States
  • Nicola Asker
    Network Analyst
    National Grid
    Leamington Spa, United Kingdom
  • Katrina Regan
    Technical Supervisor
    Southern California Gas
    Anaheim, CA, United States
  • Adriana Garcia
    AG Consultink
    San Diego, Venezuela
  • Alicen Kandt
    Senior Mechanical Engineer
    National Renewable Energy Laboratory
    CO, United States
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    Sara Dolatshahi
    I don’t have an office. I have a desk in the middle of the control room, which is a very large room with each corner of the room, having the required monitoring panels to control a nuclear reactor unit.
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    Project Manager
  • Priscilla Bennett
    Spire / Laclede Gas Company
    O'Fallon, MO, United States
  • Christine Frazier-Hollins
    Ops Engineer
    Pearland, TX, United States
  • Sadaf Hameed
    Project Engineer
    McDermott Inc.
    Houston, TX, United States
  • Victoria Taberner
    Mechanical Engineer
    Phillips 66
    North East Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
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