2011 Engineering & Human Service - Relief from a Disaster

  • Elementary School (Grades 3-5)
    Other First Places
    Melissa Meng
    First Place: Melissa  Meng
    Grade 3 - Gilbert Linkous Elementary School (Virginia)
  • Other Second Places
    Sophia Giovanis
    Second Place: Sophia  Giovanis
    Grade 4 - Orono Intermediate School (Minnesota)
  • Other Third Places
    Michelle Zhu
    Third Place: Michelle  Zhu
    Grade 3 - Garden Gate Elementary School (California)
  • Other Honorable Mentions
    Anna Eichelberger
    Honorable Mention: Anna  Eichelberger
    Grade 4 - Orono Intermediate School (Minnesota)
  • Other Finalists
    Needhi Badhe
    Finalist: Needhi  Badhe
    Hydraulic Excavators
    Grade 5 - Mill Creek Elementary (Alabama)
  • Sophia Beecham
    Finalist: Sophia  Beecham
    The Chilean Mining Disaster and Oakley Radar Sunglasses
    Grade 4 - Timber Lakes Elementary School (Florida)
  • Blaire Berry
    Finalist: Blaire  Berry
    GE Sunspring
    Grade 5 - Martha and Josh Morriss Mathematics and Engineering Elementary School (Texas)
  • Jim Coulter
    Finalist: Jim  Coulter
    Saved by a Siren
    Grade 5 - Pearson's Corner Elementary School (Virginia)
  • Emma Gould
    Finalist: Emma  Gould
    Water, Water Everywhere, but Not a Drop to Drink!
    Grade 5 - Heritage Elementary (Alabama)
  • Daren Nerad
    Finalist: Daren  Nerad
    The Lane Elementary School
    Grade 3 - The Lane Elementary School (Illinois)
  • Sarah Ngo
    Finalist: Sarah  Ngo
    A Plastic Pouch That Saves Lives
    Grade 4 - Epps Island Elementary School (Texas)
  • Samuel Popp
    Finalist: Samuel  Popp
    Are You Prepared for an Earthquake?
    Grade 4 - Randolph Elementary School (Virginia)
  • Sulekha Ramesh
    Finalist: Sulekha  Ramesh
    Emergency Kit for Natural Disasters
    Grade 3 - Rainbow Elementary School (Alabama)
  • Elizabeth Wehby
    Finalist: Elizabeth  Wehby
    Miners Rescue Pod
    Grade 4 - Christ the King School (Tennessee)
  • Middle School (Grades 6-8)
    Other First Places
    Ming Li Wu
    First Place: Ming Li Wu
    Grade 6 - North Alabama Friends School (Alabama)
  • Other Second Places
    Haylie Thomas
    Second Place: Haylie  Thomas
    Grade 8 - Deer Creek Middle School (Colorado)
  • Other Third Places
    Olivia Reynolds
    Third Place: Olivia  Reynolds
    Grade 7 - St. Pauls School for Girls (Maryland)
  • Other Honorable Mentions
    Landis Bing
    Honorable Mention: Landis  Bing
    Grade 8 - Crystal Lake Middle School (Florida)
  • Other Honorable Mentions
    Doina Ghegeliu
    Honorable Mention: Doina  Ghegeliu
    Grade 7 - Saint Joseph School (New York)
  • Other Finalists
    Puja Deshpande
    Finalist: Puja  Deshpande
    Oil Skimmers
    Grade 8 - Heritage Middle School (New Jersey)
  • Amy Griffin
    Finalist: Amy  Griffin
    Water For Life
    Grade 8 - Deer Creek Middle School (Colorado)
  • Theodore Kim
    Finalist: Theodore  Kim
    Disaster Strikes: HVAC Disaster Equipment
    Grade 7 - PEARLS Hawthorne, Yonkers Public Schools (New York)
  • Bella Kouns
    Finalist: Bella  Kouns
    How to Use the Social Network in Times of Natural Disasters
    Grade 8 - St. Margaret of Cortona (New York)
  • Sophie Nasrallah
    Finalist: Sophie Nasrallah
    The Hydra: The Eco-Friendly Disaster Relief Machine
    Grade 7 - St. Paul's School for Girls (Maryland)
  • Aarthi Parvathaneni
    Finalist: Aarthi  Parvathaneni
    Portable Shelter Disaster Relief
    Grade 7 - Odle Middle School (Washington)
  • Abriana Record
    Finalist: Abriana  Record
    Seeing the Heat: The Thermal Imaging Camera
    Grade 6 - Grandview R-II Middle School (Missouri)
  • High School (Grades 9-12)
    Other First Places
    Samantha Harris
    First Place: Samantha  Harris
    Grade 10 - Charleston Catholic High School (West Virginia)
  • Other Second Places
    Leighton Suen
    Second Place: Leighton  Suen
    Grade 12 - Staten Island Technical High School (New York)
  • Other Third Places
    Megan Pence
    Third Place: Megan  Pence
    Grade 12 - Allen D. Nease High School (Florida)
  • Other Honorable Mentions
    Naina Iyengar
    Honorable Mention: Naina  Iyengar
    Grade 11 - South Brunswick High School (New Jersey)
  • Other Honorable Mentions
    Zachary Tucker
    Honorable Mention: Zachary  Tucker
    Grade 12 - Shawnee High School (Ohio)
  • Other Finalists
    Caitlin Brown
    Finalist: Caitlin  Brown
    The Hydra: Saving Lives One Cup of Water at a Time
    Grade 10 - Brown Academy (Massachusetts)
  • Helen Chen
    Finalist: Helen  Chen
    The Hydropack Solution
    Grade 12 - Evergreen Valley High School (California)
  • Eli Fuentes
    Finalist: Eli  Fuentes
    The GATR Antenna System
    Grade 12 - Green B. Trimble Technical High School (Texas)
  • Gladys Garcia-Montoya
    Finalist: Gladys  Garcia-Montoya
    The Fenix Capsule
    Grade 11 - Pioneer High School (California)
  • Aaron Guo
    Finalist: Aaron  Guo
    Living Up to Its Name: the Vestergaard-Frandsen LifeStraw
    Grade 10 - Battlefield High School (Virginia)
  • Kirstyn Hein
    Finalist: Kirstyn  Hein
    The Absolute Coolest Tool Ever
    Grade 11 - Pinckney High School (Michigan)
  • Hanna Lazio
    Finalist: Hanna  Lazio
    Grade 11
    Grade 11 - Patchogue-Medford High School (Grade 11)
  • Faustine Li
    Finalist: Faustine  Li
    Lifesaver Water Bottles
    Grade 12 - Rockdale Magnet School (Georgia)
  • Katherine Phan
    Finalist: Katherine  Phan
    Water, Water Everywhere, but Not a Drop to Drink
    Grade 10 - Curtis Senior High School (Washington)
  • Rebecca Stussman
    Finalist: Rebecca  Stussman
    Flights of Hope
    Grade 11 - Sherwood High School (Maryland)
  • Kelsey Swaggart
    Finalist: Kelsey  Swaggart
    HLS-1 Water Purifier
    Grade 9 - Belton High School Freshman Center (Missouri)