Searching for a specific job in environmental engineering


I am a student at Spring Valley High School in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have recently become interested in environmental engineering and am exploring options for post-graduate employment with a degree in environmental engineering. I was wondering what kind of jobs are available to graduates of this sort? Specific career or job examples are what I have been attempting to research, but only find work environment and prerequisite information.

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Spring Valley High School
posted by Katherine, Las Vegas, Nevada on April 8, 2015

Answer by Kristin Malosh

Hi Katherine! I can give you a few examples of the types of careers that I personally know Environmental Engineers may have, in no particular order:  President/Owner of an Environmental/Civil Engineering Consulting company; Director of Environmental, Health & Safety at a steel manufacturing company; Permit Writer/Inspector working for the USEPA or state agency.  There are several websites that post specific jobs for Environmental careers, one that I would suggest you look at is: 
There you can find several real job postings for Environmental Engineers, this may help you see what a career could entail.  I hope this information helps you. Good luck!  ~Kristin