Jeanine Swatton

Jeanine Swatton

Product Manager/ Mobile Application Instructor/ iPhone app Developer/ Technical Consultant
Redwood City, CA, United States
Jeanine Swatton
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Answers by Miss Jeanine Swatton

Wow!  That's great you are interested in so much stuff!  Who is to say you have to pick one?  :-) - You can always change careers and transition over to other roles. In the meantime, when starting out - it is best to focus on one. You are doing the right thing by exploring and researching opportunities now :-) - to see what the focus is.

I started off in programming, then shifted over to systems engineering, embedded programming, then to tech lead, then to product management, then to CTO of a small startup, now to teaching iOS development. I loved every minute of it!

To see if programming is a great start for you, try taking one of the free online coding classes and see how it resonates with you. 

Hi Katie!

How are you? My input in terms of iPhone app development?  I love iphone app development. With the tools that Apple provides - Xcode and built in instrument tools, it makes it sooo much easier to develop! :-)

I teach iPhone/iPad app development at a couple of Universities. The key thing is - you need a Mac to develop - also learning Objective C is pretty fun as well :-)

Did that answer your question?  Feel free to ask away :-)

Kindest regards,

Jeanine Swatton

Hi Ashley, I'm so sorry to hear about your illness. Software engineering would be the perfect field for you giving you opportunities to work from home. For example, I have done contracting work on the side for iOS development and Web application development. Although some companies are outsourcing, they would prefer working with someone in the US then outsource the rest of the work overseas. I'm not familiar with other areas of engineering - but in the software sector this is definitely a possibility. Are you passionate about writing code and developing applications whether it be web applications using Ruby on Rails or iPhone/iPad applications using iOS? Remember, if the passion is not there, then it will be more challenging. I love writing code. I also love managing teams of engineers. In my opinion, when you write your first application (for example, an iPhone application), you code it, you build it and you see it run on an iPhone, it is such a great feeling thinking that Hey, I built that!. Feel free to contact me if you would like additional information. Many blessings to you! Kindest regards, Jeanine Swatton