Case Studies in Industrial Engineering

I am currently completing an assessment on industrial engineering. My task is to briefly outline in a 2 minute speech what industrial engineering is, the training processes needed, the impact of industrial engineering globaly and "describe and evaluate a real life case study of an industry project that a professional industrial engineer has been involved in". Can you give me any help? The case study part in Australia is proving most difficult. 'Do you know of any case studies in America or Australia that have taken part in the last five years'?. Also the assessment says that i must include various pictures of the case study. Also is Industrial Engineering now called Mechanical and Manufacturing engineering? Thanks for your help

From Scott
posted by Scott, Sydney Australia on April 25, 2013

Answer 1 by Taneka Lawson

I am not aware of any case studies within the past 5 years. Industrial Engineering is not Mechanical Engineering. I have seen industries that hire mechanical and industrial engineers as manufacturing engineers. I know that different schools offer new programs since I completed my master's in Industrial Engineering, but I believe Industrial and Mechanical Engineering are different.

Answer 2 by Dr. Ann Bisantz

At least in the US, engineering schools differentiate between degrees in industrial engineering and mechanical engineering - they are not the same degree. Some people who are manufacturing engineers may have degrees in IE, or in ME, however. The Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) produces a monthly magazine (Industrial Engineer) which is a good resource to find case studies. There may be an Australia specific chapter or affiliate of IIE which would be a place to look for case studies that took place in Australia.