Transitioning from Medical School to Biomedical Engineering

Dear Professor Meulen,

I earned my BS in Public Health, and spent a year in medical school. I did very well academically, but decided medicine was not my desired path. I spent time researching new career paths that would allow me to creatively solve medical problems in cost efficient, scalable ways, and decided biomedical engineering would allow me the skill-set to do just that.

At this time, I am getting ready to start a Biomedical Engineering Masters program this fall, but will need to take some remedial courses to fortify my engineering foundation. With that said, can you recommend a book that illustrates some of the more important engineering concepts in a concise "review/workbook-like" fashion? I don't expect the book to be a primary teaching source, but rather, I would like it to provide a quick overview of the concept and a problem with the solution explained. My hope is to use this book as a familiar reference throughout my masters program.

Also, I found a nice online learning resource for Statics through Carnegie Mellon. Do you happen to know of any good online/videos resources for Statics, Dynamics, Fluid Mechanics, and Strength of Materials? I'm happy to pay for good material, but there are many choices. I used Kaplan videos in medical school, and it made a world of difference. Do you know of a good set of engineering videos?

Thank you very much for your time an consideration.
Have a great day,

posted by Jackie, San Luis Obispo on June 15, 2014