A Pessimistic View

Unlike most of the ones that have posted questions here as far as I can see, I am an engineer currently with a few years of experience. However, I find myself questioning whether or not I made the correct career choice. Looking back, I chose engineering because I enjoyed science and math, but I did struggle with many of my classes in college. At the time, I was battling depression and low self esteem, and I isolated myself and did not ask for help. Although I did obtain a degree, I was very unhappy that I did not graduate with honors (gpa only 2.99) and as a result, I feel deficient and like a failure. This attitude has carried over into my job unfortunately. Every time I have difficulty comprehending something at work, my mind goes back to my college failures. I feel that college was the chance to prove that I am smart enough and good enough, but I failed to meet that challenge. What would you say to someone like me who has a degree but feels that it isn't enough?
posted by Amy, Alabama on March 28, 2012

Answer by Ms. Linh Truong

Dear Amy, I think you should not let your GPA haunt you. Regardless of what your GPA was, it is what you learned in school that is important. Your degree was what you needed to get your foot in the door in industry. Now is your chance to accept your new challenge at work, put the past behind you. Also, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes you may understand something very quickly and other times it may take a few tries. But what is important is to not be afraid to ask questions. Also, learn who would be the best person to help answer your questions. Linh