Nuclear vs Industrial Engineer

I am trying to decide to either be a nuclear engineer or an industrial engineer? Which one do you think is better and what are the major differences?
posted by Sabryn, columbus on December 19, 2013

Answer by Jessye Talley

Hello Sabryn,

I cannot necessarily speak for Nuclear Engineering. But, I will begin by saying it depends on what you are interested in working on. Industrial Engineering focus on process improvement, efficiency and cost savings in simple terms. However, there are many areas you can focus on or learn about including: 

(1) manufacturing which is creating an actual product that you can eventually buy or sell, 

(2) human factors which deal with the impact of systems and a particular job on a human, 

(3) operations research which deals with solving problems with math and computer programs,

(4) design- creating facilities, products etc. efficiently using software that can draft or sketch, 

(5) are lots of classes dealing with determining the most cost efficient projects or products to use in your project. 

As, you can see there are many areas you can focus on which can allow you work in just about any field. I hope this helps with your selection.