Choosing the Right Program

Hi, I'm going into second year engineering and transferring to the University of Alberta in Electrical Nanoengineering. (First year is general..and I did that at RDC.)

My first option was Mechanical engineering, and I wanted to do a specialization in Aerospace, mostly because I love flying and airplances, and designing things. I'm happy to be in engineering at all though (I'm creative, work well with a team, and love math and physics). However, I want to be designing airplanes and making them faster..
I'm just confused if I'm in the right program..though Electrical Engineering with Nanotechnology as a specialization sounds cool.
posted by Saralyn, Alberta, Canada on March 29, 2012

Answer by Fernmarie Brady

Hello, Thank you for trusting us to give you advice. I have been in the aerospace industry since I graduated in 2003 and I have to say that it is very multidisciplinary. In other words, you will be equally qualified to join the industry if you are an electrical engineer, a mechanical engineer or an aerospace engineer. Actually, I believe you have a competitive advantage if you stay in your current EE degree. This is what I would recommend: Stay in the Electrical Engineering field, and at the same time, apply to an internship in an aerospace industry. You can also get involved with aerospace projects while you are in school. If you have a good GPA in EE, you intern in aerospace and have a few aerospace projects, you will be a great fit for the industry when you graduate. Furthermore, maintaining your EE degree has its advantages: - As I mentioned, once you graduate you can obtain a job designing airplanes (just become involve as an undergraduate student in projects or internships). - The aerospace industry right now is going through a tough time (just as the rest of the planet). If you maintain your EE degree you will be able to obtain a job in a non aerospace industry until things pick up again. I hope this helps. Good luck in whatever you opt to do!!!