Kathy A. Notarianni

Kathy A. Notarianni

Head, Department of Fire Protection Engineering
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Worcester, MA, United States
Kathy A. Notarianni
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Kathy heads a graduate program in a specialty area of fire and explosions. She sets curriculum, mentors and advises students, conducts research and teaches. Kathy works with a wide range of practitioners including architects, public building officials, codes and standards making bodies, and the fire service to provide a safe environment for people to live and work in. Previously, Kathy was a project leader in the Building and Fire Research Laboratory at the National Institute of Standards and Technology where her work focused on issues relating to smoke detection, water-based suppression, smoke plume analysis, and fire model verification with applications to high ceiling-height buildings, hospitals, environmentally friendly halon fire suppressants, and residential fire sprinkler systems. Kathy says, "I enjoy research because it involves a variety of tasks. I may spend one day in my hard hat and steel toe boots and the next in a suit.." Much of her research is incorporated into national safety standards. Kathy is a licensed professional engineer, a fellow in the Society of Fire Protection Engineers, and has mentored hundreds of high school and college students interested in engineering careers. One of Kathyyâ€s most noteworthy accomplishments is United States Patent #5,103,212, Balanced Fluid Flow Delivery System, a life-saving technology utilized in high value and mission critical areas such as NASAAâ€s control rooms and other facilities around the world. Kathy's notoriety led to her selection to head a government commission to study building egress in the wake of the World Trade Center collapse. She is currently working on a $3 million Department of Homeland Security grant in the area of firefighter safety and allocation of resources. Kathy is well-published professionally in the archival literature and nationally in print and television media. Her "fire safety mom's tips" were quoted in Good Housekeeping Magazine. On an international stage, Dr. Kathy Notarianni is well known and has been invited to speak or conduct research in over a dozen countries including England, Sweden, Iceland, and Japan. In one instance during these engagements, she conducted high-bay fire experiments at a NATO base in Keflicvick, Iceland that lead to the development of fire safety standards in high bay facilities used by NASA and the U.S. Navy. Kathy has presented her research at international conferences at Oxford University and Cambridge University. Beyond her work in academic and professional circles, Kathy devotes a great deal of her time to serving others. Kathy conducts workshops and symposiums for middle and high school girls to introduce them to engineering through hands-on activities. In the local community, she leads a Girl Scout troop and teaches CCD. She has also hosted numerous fundraisers at her house to provide tens of thousands of meals for the Worcester food bank.
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Answers by Kathy A. Notarianni

Congratulations on selecting chemical engineering as your second career!  I would start with a good, review math course to get you ready for calculus I (I’d suggest testing for math placement at a local college).  Then, I’d take college chemistry if you have not already done so.   A trip to sit down with a chemical engineering professor would be highly valuable.  Bring a copy of all college transcripts with you, this will assist in strategic planning of a path towards your degree. 

Best wishes,