Biomedical vs. Bioengineering

What is the difference between a biomedical engineer and a bioengineer? are they interchangeable? Because i find when researching them biomedical engineer pops up instead.
posted by Tara, Winnipeg Mb on March 29, 2012

Answer by Dr Kay C Dee

Dear Tara, This is a very good question. The terms bioengineer and biomedical engineer are often used interchangeably. But sometimes biomedical engineer is used to imply someone who focuses on human health, while bioengineer is used more broadly to include someone who brings engineering expertise to issues involving animal health and/or plants and agriculture. So, if you are looking at engineering school programs, it is important to look at the educational objectives/outcomes of the programs and at the classes required by the curricula to be able to tell whether the program is using the term bioengineer narrowly or broadly. Good luck! Thanks for your question. Kay C Dee