Becoming a biomedical engineer

I have always been fascinated buy the science behind biomedical engineering. It combined the 2 things I loved to do, help people by making a difference, and engineering. I was wondering how to achieve that goal academically. I mean like, how to shoot for that goal, in school. What are the basics that I should excel in? If you can please take the time to answer my question, it will really help me.
Thank You!!!!
posted by Meghana, Southington Ct on May 28, 2013

Answer by Dr Kay C Dee

Hi, Meghana, Great question! Most people would tell you that doing well in math and science is important - and this is true!! Taking some biology would be useful, too. I also like to advise people to take as many English/writing courses as they can. Engineers have to be able to communicate their ideas to other people, and the better you are able to communicate, the more effective of an engineer you will be! Good luck. Thanks for asking!!