Information about Biomedical Engineering

I am a high school student who is interested in being a biomedical engineer. I really am interested in it and I want to know what its like being a biomedical engineer. Do they mainly work in research departments? Where can you work with a degree in biomedical engineering?
posted by Katherine, California on March 29, 2012

Answer by Dr. Corinna Lathan

Biomedical Engineers (BMEs) can do many many many different things. It depends on your specific education and interests. BMEs can work at universities, hospitals, companies, non-profits and lots of other places. BMEs can work with medical devices, microscopes and movements of cells, robots, computers, patients, astronauts, and more! The real answer to your question is what do you want to DO, not what do you want to BE. If you like technology and want to use technology to enable people do things they might not be able to do without it, then someone might call you a biomedical engineer!