Becoming an Aerospace Engineer Although Struggling in Algebra

I'm in seventh grade, and I want to be an aerospace engineer when I grow up. All my life, I've wanted to travel in space and become an aerospace engineer. I do great in science and arithmetic, but I struggle with algebra. I know that is a vital skill engineers use a lot, especially since my dad is one. What should I do? How can I achieve my dream?
posted by Hope, North America on March 30, 2012

Answer by Alicia Dwyer Cianciolo

Dear Hope, Dont get discouraged. If becoming an aerospace engineer is what you want then you have to find a way to make it happen. Talk to your teacher and ask for additional help or find a good tutor. I know that many colleges have a guidance centers that can help students find out how they learn best. I am not sure if this is available in middle school but perhaps a high school counselor can help. It is an extremely valuable awareness to have. Most importantly dont give up. If this job was easy everyone would do it. Best of luck, Alicia