Sheila Gaudiano

Sheila Gaudiano P.E.

Sr. Instrument & Electrical Engineer
Chevron Phillips Chemical Co.
Sheila Gaudiano
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Answers by Sheila Gaudiano P.E.

Hi Erica,

Every field of engineering does involve math although some fields may use it more such as civil engineering when doing structural analysis.

The field of nanotechnology has come about long after I studied engineering. If you are interested in that field, you may want to check with the college you plan to attend to determine which department of engineering offers nanotechnology studies. The good news is that most engineering curriculums require engineering students to take the basics the first year such that you still have your freshman year to choose which you would prefer to major in. If your college offers sessions for learning about the different engineering fields (I know Texas A the decision can be even more difficult. Any field of engineering will be a challenge you will enjoy. Just take your time and research what is available at the college you choose to attend.

Good luck! -Sheila