Minor with a BME degree

Would you suggest getting a minor with a biomedical engineering degree? if so, what would the minor be? Along with math and science, I have an interest in medicine so is there a minor that I could look into that's mainly focused on medicine?
posted by faith, ohio on March 29, 2012

Answer by Dr. Monique Frize

Undergraduate programs differ with each College and University. Some of them offer a degree in biomedical with another major possible, others with a minor, and others just the main program of biomedical engineering. An example is Drexel University in Philadelphia. In Canada, (as at Carleton and University of Ottawa) students normally get a degree in biomedical engineering combined with a major such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, or chemical engineering. Since biomedical programs contain a fair amount of physiology, medical devices, etc.. I think it is important to have a strong base in either an engineering discipline like electrical (which is my major) for focusing on medical devices; or mechanical if one is interested in rehabilitation and aids for the disabled. Computer science or computer engineering would provide a good background for medical informatics. So I suggest you look at the programs from a few colleges you are interested to apply to and decide how the program combines with your interests. Best wishes for a successful and satisfying career! Prof. Monique Frize, P. Eng., O.C. Carleton University and University of Ottawa