Myzafere Limani

Myzafere Limani

University of Prishtina
(International), Kosovo
Myzafere Limani
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Prof. Dr. Myzafere Limani is currently the Head of Department of Electronics, at Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Prishtina. She received her B.S. degree in electrical engineering from University of Prishtina, Department of Electronics and Communications in 1978, becoming the first woman in Kosovo to receive this degree. She continued her graduate studies at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, and received her M.Sc. degree from this university in 1988. She earned her doctorate at University of Prishtina, Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering in 2000, again being the ”first woman” engineer in Kosovo to obtain it. At the beginning of her career as an engineer, she worked for a short time in the industry as a technical director in the Public Telecommunications Company. In 1979 she joined the staff of the University of Prishtina, and has remained there to this day. Her research interests are in acoustics, audio signal processing and multimedia communications. Dr. Limani is author of two books and author and coauthor of over 50 research papers and professional projects. In October 2006 she was elected the dean of the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, becoming the first woman in the University of Prishtina to hold this post. She served as Dean of the Faculty until September 2012. During the six year period, she showed distinguished leadership abilities leading the faculty over a period of dramatic growth in academic quality and becoming one of the prestigious higher education and research institutions in Kosovo and the region. On the national level, Dr. Limani is a member of Working Group for Technical Issues for transition to digital broadcasting in the Republic of Kosovo, president of National Council of Higher Education and vice president of Scientific Council of Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of Kosovo. For her contribution in field of electrical engineering and higher education, Dr. Limani has received several national and international awards.

2000 Dr. Sc., University of Prishtina, Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering Thesis: Analysis of Acoustic Diffraction in Gratings Using multi-wave coupled-wave theory 1988 Mr. Sc., University of Belgrade, Faculty of Electrical Engineering Thesis: Contribution On Analysis Of Allowed Thresholds Levels Of Mechanical Vibrations In Human Body 1978 Graduated Engineer, University of Prishtina, Technical Faculty Thesis: Analysis Of Current Distribution On Yagi Antennas
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