Cynthia Hoover

Cynthia Hoover

Director, Healthcare & Biopharma R&D
Cynthia Hoover
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I am a Director of R&D for a fortune 500 company. I Develop technology strategy and roadmaps in alignment with business and market needs. I also lead corporate R&D groups to identify, develop and commercialize new technologies into the global healthcare and biopharmaceutical markets.

Answers by Cynthia Hoover

I am not a cosmetic engineer however, I would encourage you to search the internet (monster is a good site) to look for positions that are relevant to your career aspirations.  In the job posting it should show what degree and work experience is expected to be considered.  Once you are clear about the degree requirements then I would search for universities that specialize in the area of interest.  I would pay special attention to the career department to see what companies recruit at the university.  You should pick a university that has a track record of placing students at the company or in the job type you are looking for.  I would also encourage you to get an internship in your area of interest so you can really find out if you would like that type of job.  If you can't get an internship, then job shadowing is another option.  Good luck!  Cindi