Computer Engineering or Industrial Engineering?

i'm having a hard time trying to decide what i should do.............. well here's the thing i'm a computer engineering student and i don't realy know .........should i remain in coputer engineering knowing that my grades are constantly going down?????? or should i swich to industrial engineering?????? i read some stuff on the net but i couldn't actualy get enough information to do such a big i need some help knowing that i'm a second year student and i'll lose 20 hours of subjects...???? plzzzzzzzzzzz help
posted by dima, jordan on March 28, 2012

Answer by Dr. Alexandra Medina-Borja

Dima, Why are your grades dropping? If they are because you are not motivated to study specific computer engineering-related courses then maybe it is a good idea to change majors. If it is because you are having a hard time with basic general engineering courses, such as Calculus or Physics, then switching to IE is not an option, since IE has the same basic coursework as all engineering areas. To be able to do well in IE you need to like math, statistics and logic reasoning, and also like to plan or project things. Go to the IIE web site ( and browse the IE magazine and try to make a decision based on the type of applications you see there: OR, simulation, human factors, decision analysis, etc. Good luck, Alexandra