Hard Work + Enthusiasm = Success in Math

I am thinking about persuing a career in envoronmental engineering, but I am not terrific in the suject of math. I get good grades in math because I work very hard, but it is always a struggle to learn the concepts. The thing is, when I do understand the concepts, I enjoy it very much. I am thinking about a career in envoronmental engineering, but I am afraid that I might not be smart enough to accomplish it. Do I need to be exceptionally good at math to become an engineer, or will honest effort be enough to help me succeed?
posted by Jennifer, Eureka, Ca on March 28, 2012

Answer by Dr. Eugenia Kalnay

Dear Jennifer: I would say that I am not a strong mathematician either, but I have a good intuition. Hard work and enthusiasm go a long way, and the ability to enjoy what you do is the most important. When you try to solve a problem you work with it long enough that you really understand it. So I would say, yes, go for it! With best wishes, Eugenia Kalnay