I'm Thinking About Majoring in Physics

Hi, I am a junior in college and just transferred to another university. I have made the decision to be an engineer but because I am in my junior year switching my current major (communications) to engineering and finishing on time would be impossible. I am thinking about majoring in physics because my school has a program that is designed for students who wish to enter an engineering program elsewhere and I would still finish within a reasonable time frame. I have always liked figuring out how things work and fixing things but I am not that great at math or science, average at best. I am worried about this, should I still go for a major in physics if I am not confident in my math and science skills?
posted by Sarah, San Marcos, Texas on March 30, 2012

Answer by Dr Ruthie Lyle-Cannon

Hello Sarah It's never too late to pursue your interests, even if it means extending your time in school. Of course, I think you should not make a decision without investigation. You might consider taking a science course for non science/engineering majors. Those types of courses usually limit the amount of math required to appreciate the subject. You should also consider talking with someone in industry .. and learning what you might be most interested in. Finally you may not have confidence in your math and science skills at this point but if it is your passion you can always develop those skills and the confidence associated with being able to leverage them. Please keep us posted on your path and progress. -Ruthie