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Esha Singh

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Esha Singh
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A proud biomedical engineer by choice. Feels great to be a biomedical engineer where technology meets human body. We live in a situation where people think that there are only two types of engineer, either mechanical or civil. And for a girl, we are not much supported to pursue something out of the box. However, my parents supported me to fulfill my dream to choose biomedical engineering and prove few people surrounding that there are many other engineers in this world of different kind. My aim was not only to be a biomedical engineer, but to achieve something which can bring change to normal living. My greatest achievement is innovating a device called Real Time Battery Charging System by human walking, which is solving and helping people to cope with the availability of power supply. This innovation got me fame all over by winning various competitions here and there. Not only this, many other innovations are in queue which will be beneficial for the mankind. All these things helped me to get the job in One of the Largest Multinational company . Along with that I am always eager to learn new things in the science market and contribute my knowledge to the world of innovation.
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Answers by Esha Singh

Hi Skye, I did my schooling in India itself.
After that I pursued B.Tech Biomedical Engineering with excellent scores.
I was in 12th standard when I was searching for good Professional courses as a career, I was eager for Chemical Engineering, but since my Aunt was working in a hospital as Pharmacist, she introduced me to a new emerging and interesting job of Biomedical Engineering. I visited the hospital and met BME and explored the field more which boosted me to opt for BME as a career.

Talking about my achievement that makes me feel proud, I designed a shoe which extract human biological signal and convert it into Electrical energy...In this scenario, where we are living with very less amount of renewable energy/Non renewable energy, I did not want to limit myself by creating something related to BME only, thus I moved out of my comfort zone, invented a technology which is amalgamation of Biomedical engineering and Mechanical/electrical engineering. With the extend use of technology, it has been the vital function to develop something new in both
software and hardware. A worn out battery or a lost charges are the two difficulties every electronic device user
undergoes through. To overcome this we, the biomedical engineering students, have proposed a new technology to
adopt charging of these portable electronic devices with the help of human walking. Walking is the best and common
activity in day to day life.While walking the
person loses some energy from foot in the form of vibrations which are sensed and converted into electric form

Good to see your enthusiasm for BME's and eagerness too create something for Injured persons . 

Hello Tekeyia.
Bioengineering is the Basically an  application of engineering in creating artificial organs, chemicals, drugs and tissues. However the biomedical engineering uses technologies and principles for designing, maintaining and calibrate all the devices and equipment that we see in the hospitals, research labs , manufacturing units of medical devices etc. Both Fields are totally different. Both have different job perspectives. as you can get it from above .

Hello Nikita,good to see you have chosen BME by choice. Genetics and tissue culturing is a field yet to introduce widely in India, but if we are keen to go abroad, definitely we have scope. We have a subject called BIOINFORMATICS and REHABILITATION ENGINEERING, a deeper study in these subjects can help you out in your interest field. M sorry to hear this that you come across such questions from the dominant engineering fields, well as per the records of 9236172 24396958/?fref=nf, BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERS earn highest salary and we are proud that we are part of BME, you can simply answer those people just by showing them this data.BME is the fastest emerging field, and unlike others where we deal only with machines , here  Biomedical engineering is the life saving field where technology meets human body .

Hello Andrea...!!! 
As per your query, i suggest you to opt for Biomedical Engineering.
Biomedical engineering is a field in which application of technology into human body is studied.As you said u want to go for detailed designing of MRI/CTSCAN etc , you need to study the basics, functionality and mechanism of such machines which u can get only in our Biomedical engineering.A subject called Biomedical Image Processing helps to deal with the designing of image related biomedical instruments.

Thank You

Biomedical engineering is a branch which has got scope in 3 major regions.
2).Manufacturing units
3).Sales and service 

Talking about your interest, if you want to go for travelling based job as an biomedical engineer, then choose the third option. Basically, in this marketing and sales, the instruments manufactured by companies are being sold through us by visiting doctors, research institutes, hospitals etc depending upon the company instrument and customer area, like if you are working for Cardiovascular instrumentation company which manufactures Pulse oximeter, then you will have to visit hospital for sales , and for servicing the damaged instrument as per the orders. Thus mostly field work includes 1). pre installation visit 2). installation visit 3). post installation visit.
You can choose any kind of company as per your interest like
-CARDIOVASCULAR MACHINES like Stents, Pace maker, Defibrillator etc
-RESPIRATORY DEVICES like ventilator, nebulizer, Ambu Bag