Katrina Regan

Katrina Regan

Technical Supervisor
Southern California Gas
Anaheim, CA, United States
Katrina Regan
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Hello! My name is Katrina Regan. I went to college at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles in 2008. Going into college, I was convinced that I hated engineering and anything to do with it, and therefore declared my major as "Communications." I didn't really like math, but took calculus because I thought I'd need some to do my bills and taxes after college. Little did I know... Within 4 weeks of my first day, I had fallen in love! I loved the logic, the problem solving and the simplicity of my calc class - this was not to say it was "easy", but it was so gratifying to know things: ie, 2+2 would always equal 4! Soon after, I switched my major to engineering. Since I grew up playing with legos and I loved architecture, it felt right, and I decided to study Civil. In 2012, I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BS in Civil Engineering and a minor in Applied Math. My senior year of college, I worked as an Engineering Intern at SoCal Gas (SCG) and 3 weeks after my graduation, was hired on full-time. Two years later, I am a Technical Supervisor in the Planning & Engineering department, overseeing twenty planners and approvals for million-dollar projects. I am no longer doing engineering specific work, but I love my job! The most rewarding part is the constant learning and the opportunity for creative problem solving. The same thing is also the most challenging as managing 30+ projects is a constant juggling game. Although the career is not directly engineering, I find the foundation and principles of engineering support me on a daily basis. They apply to so much and I can see how a major in engineering can assist in a plethora of other careers.
  • I am willing to be contacted by educators for possible speaking engagements in schools or in after school programs or summer camps.
  • I am willing to serve as science fair judge or other temporary volunteer at a local school.
  • I am willing to be interviewed by interested students via email.
Answers by Katrina Regan

An engineering degree would definitely open more paths to you. An undergrad degree typically requires at least a complete series of calculus, stats, and differential equations on the math side. One of the first inquiries you should make is to determine if any of your previous undergraduate classes will transfer and fulfill the degree requirements for engineering. Secondly you should consider if you are able to attend full time or if you will be a part-time student; timeline may be a determining factor.

If this sounds like too much of a drawn out process and you already have an undergraduate degree in economics, perhaps you could consider graduate studies. An MBA in finance or accounting may open up more doors to you and you would most likely have the foundation courses already. 

Lastly, if you have only worked in one position with your economics degree, there are multiple ways it could be applied and all you may need is a job switch. Good Luck!