Moriya Chesler

Moriya Chesler

Founder & Engineer
NH, United States
Moriya Chesler
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B"H Mrs. Moriya Chesler is passionate about her current project focusing on modest clothing design. A graduate of Smith College and Dartmouth College Thayer School of Engineering, Mrs Chesler spent her earlier Software Engineering career designing and developing complex software systems including automation of document processing management systems, point-of-sale systems and email messaging systems. As a modest clothing advocate, Mrs. Chesler founded and produced digital sewing patterns for modest clothing. Her magnum opus is My Sloper, the first Web 2.0 Pattern Making Software for Modest Dressmaking.
Smith College, Bachelor of Arts, Mathematics Major, Electrical Engineering Minor Dartmouth College Thayer School of Engineering, Professional Bachelor of Engineering University of NH Computer Science, Master's Program, ABD
  • I am willing to be interviewed by interested students via email.
Answers by Mrs. Moriya Chesler

An engineer is someone who enjoys solving problems and is persistent at finding resources to help her come up with a solution(s). Being smart is a gift and one can utilize her smarts in day-to-day living.  One can become smarter through learning from one's mistakes.  I don't think one has to be smart to become an engineer.  One has to enjoy her profession whatever it is and it doesn't have to be engineering.  

The field of engineering is so vast and interdisciplinary. For instance, one who doesn't enjoy Math or applying Math in problem-solving but enjoys studying scientific facts and doing scientific experiments in the fields of Biology and/or Chemistry doesn't have to be smart in Math, but can still become a rock solid bio-engineer or chemical engineer.  One who enjoys tinkering with tools and building can explore Mechanical or Civil Engineering, even though she needs help in Math.  She can build her Math skills through taking enough courses to help her in later designing objects from toys to buildings.

One can be an excellent engineer and not "smart" in other aspects of her life. Enjoying what you do best is the most important ingredient.  You will find it in your passion(s).