Stephanie Bolyard

Stephanie C. Bolyard

PhD Candidate
University of Central Florida
FL, United States
Stephanie Bolyard
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Stephanie C. Bolyard is a PhD candidate in Environmental Engineering at the University of Central Florida and an Environmental Research and Education Foundation doctoral scholar. Her research focuses on exploring ways to bring landfills to completion so that they will not represent a threat to human health or the environment in the future. She received her B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Florida and M.S. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Central Florida. Her research interests include the fate of nanomaterials in municipal solid waste landfills, waste stabilization, post closure care, and organics characterization. Stephanie received her bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Florida (2008) and master’s degree in environmental engineering from the University of Central Florida (2012). Her master’s thesis focused on studying the fate of nanomaterials in municipal solid waste landfills. She has also worked for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and as a consultant with Brown and Caldwell prior to starting her PhD. While working in consulting she was involved in integrated solid waste management planning evaluations, residential recycling feasibility and waste characterization studies, landfill closure stabilization evaluations, stormwater pollution prevention plans, and preparing permit applications for solid waste management facilities.

  • I am willing to be contacted by educators for possible speaking engagements in schools or in after school programs or summer camps.
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Answers by Mrs. Stephanie C. Bolyard

Yes I think environmental engineering will give you an excellent foundation to pursue renewable energy. Courses covered in an environmental engineering curriculum will be beneficial as you will understand the full implications of various forms and applications of renewable energy. I believe your involvement in FFA, tire drive, and enrolling in college courses are all great steps towards pursuing an environmental engineering degree. I would assume you are already ahead of your peers preparing for your college career based on your involvement and preparation academically.


Thank you for your questions.

1.What do you love about Environmental Engineering? Is there anything you dislike?

I’ve always had a fascination with water as a young child and was good at Chemistry in high school. I did not actually know about Environmental Engineering until my husband decided to dual major in civil and environmental engineering. After I graduated I wanted to work in environmental science but still wanted to get an engineering degree. Overall, I find all aspects of environmental engineering very interesting but have to say solid waste management and wastewater are my two favorite areas.

I do not have any specific dislikes within environmental engineering. It is a challenge sometimes for the public to understand environmental concerns or dealing with regulatory hurdles. 

2. Do you see the field growing in the future?

Yes I do see the future growing mainly due to more stringent regulations as well as our desire to be a more sustainable society. We are not going to stop throwing items away and using the bathroom. So to some extent I call that job security.  

3. What have your experiences as a woman in the field been like?

Environmental engineering seems to have the largest percentage of females (~50%) at the university level. I have not dealt with any negative issues being a “female” in a somewhat male dominated workforce. I actually enjoy the challenge.