Mayra Artiles

Mayra S Artiles

Thermal Engineer for Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Ford Motor Company
Canton, MI, United States
Mayra Artiles
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I remember the first time I stepped into the Kennedy Space Center at age 5 - they day I chose to become an engineer. Once I began my college degree at the University of Puerto Rico I was overwhelmed by the many industries in which I could apply my career choice. I slowly started testing and volunteering in different student projects such as robotics, Formula SAE, research assistantships, even internships in automotive companies. Nonetheless I still needed more direction and once I was done with my undergraduate I went for my master's degree on a full scholarship at Purdue University. While at Purdue I had the opportunity to work on some ground breaking research in nanoscale transport. This pretty much cleared it up for that I wanted to be a thermal engineer. So when Ford Motor Company offered me a position doing just that for their hybrid programs there was no way I could say no.
Purdue University, 2012, Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez, 2009, Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering
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Answers by Mayra S Artiles

Hi Kristin!
I work as an mechanical/automotive engineer so my lab is my test car. I work programming different softwares into the engine control and recording how the vehicles performs. Most of my projects require me to drive the vehicle in order to find the correct scenarios the customer would encounter on a daily basis so I spend a lot of my time driving outside! I do ocassionally spend time in labs especially if I'm trying to recreate a specific weather scenario that isn't going (such as testing for winter in the summer or the other way around) but most of the time I just work outside. As for working with other people, in all of the engineering jobs I've had the tasks have to be interactive. I've found it is quite difficult to design, build, and test something succesfully without having a team who can help you cover all the bases. Successful engineering 99% of the time comes from teamwork.