Yusan Lin

Yusan Lin

Ph.D. Candidate
Penn State University
PA, United States
Yusan Lin
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I'm currently a Ph.D. student in Penn State University. Being a fashion model when I was in my home country gives me the strong belief that fashion and engineering can go hand in hand. My research topic is to use the data mining approach to explore the fashion world, find the fun facts from it and do further analysis.
Answers by Yusan Lin

Hello Sophia,

Data mining is a field where people use different knowledge and techniques to find out interesting facts from the collected data :)

Hello Hannah,

Thank you for your question. There has been some difficulties I faced on the journey of being as a female Engineering student. There was once my TA in undergraduate doubted whether I has other boys to help me write my programming assignment. There was also a professor looked at me and questioned: "You look like this and you can write program?"

Both times I felt really frustrated. However, now when looking back on those things, I'm glad I turned them into motivation instead of frustration later on.

While regarding to me coming from a foreign country, no one has ever doubted my capability because of that. And I am very proud of being a Taiwanese fighting in the United States :)

Hello Sabrina,

I can totally relate to your situation. When I was doing my undergraduate degree in Computer Science, I felt lost and always wondered whether there is a way for me to link my passion in fashion (also my part-time job) to my major. Luckily, the new rising field - Data Mining - opened up a new way of looking into fashion for me. Therefore, not only did I realize it's possible to link fashion to my major but I also chose to study further and here I am, doing a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering and having "Fashionology" as my PhD research topic.

I really like the idea you proposed. I never thought about the engineering on sim's game but now you mentioned it, I think it is very interesting! Maybe you can look into the field called "Computer Graphics" (sorry I always feel more familiar with all the fields related to computers...), where people not only constructed 3D graphics like artists but also take a lot of engineering and architecture knowledge into consideration.

Hope you find my answer helpful and I look forward to hear from you again :-)