Should I add a minor to a software engineering degree?

I was wondering if you minored in web design or java or anything else? I was thinking about software engineering but I'm not sure what I could do with a general BS in software. I was hoping for your advice

Thanks so much!
posted by Hollie, Organization/City on August 30, 2013

Answer by Mekka Williams

Hi Hollie!

Most CS programs should offer you a practical minor or "minor" equivalent. GT forced us into major areas of specialization and minor areas of specialization within CS. They also made us choose a non-CS area of specialization. This is a great mix because a CS degree can transcend almost any of the other major studies. So I did the following:
CS major: Software Engineering
CS minor: Telecommunications/Networking
non-CS major: Micro-computer based design

When I graduated I went to work for a major telecom software/hardware provider doing embedded development. I used all three of those areas in my job regularly.

I would encourage you to consider non-CS specific things that interest you and see if you cant come up with a way to apply software design/development skills to that non-CS specific thing. The CS skills are your foundation, tools. They're great tools that will allow you to make almost any other field more efficient :-).

I am currently considering getting a JD and figuring out how to combine my CS/IT skills with law (maybe intellectual property specific studies). It never stops :-).

Hope this helps and feel free to contact me again if you have any more questions! Good Luck!

- Mekka