Can I still be an aerospace engineer if I didn't do well in high school math?

Hey. May God bless you.
I really aspire to be an Aerospace engineer, but my father thinks that I am not good at Maths because I didn't get good grades. Whereas I got really good grades in Physics and other subjects. I think my math is good and a three hour paper can't judge my, Should I go for aerospace engineering because I love it or should I give it up because I didn't get good grades in it in High school?
posted by Ayesha, Pakistan on September 3, 2013

Answer by Neha Dobhal

Hi Ayesha,Thank you for the question, I hope you find my feedback helpful. 

I would encourage you to follow your passion and interest.If you truly believe that you have the perseverance to study, excel in a certain subject and make a successful career out of it, go for it! I believe that with hard work and persistence you will be able to even attain the marks to prove to your father that you definitely have the capability to follow your dreams. Parents are wonderful people who want the best for us. I would not necessarily dismiss their concerns, but speak to them and show improvement in your grades, so that they too have the confidence that one day you will make a great aerospace engineer! Good luck !!