Working for NASA someday

Hi Summer!
My name is Julia, and I'm very interested in being an Aerospace Engineer. After reading your bio, I am so excited to be talking to you! After college, I hope to work for NASA as well, and think it would be an amazing opportunity. I was wondering if you could share some insight as to what I should be doing to prepare myself for a career such as that, and how I could work for NASA in the future. I'm currently a sophomore in high school, but I'm really interested in the aerospace program, and am still looking into possible universities to attend.
Thank you so incredibly much,
posted by Julia on April 7, 2013

Answer by Zahra Khan


As a high school student interested in aerospace engineering, you should be taking math and physics classes in school including calculus. If your school has a model rocket team, you could try joining that or starting one!

NASA also offers educational programs for high school students. You can find information about the different programs here: