How do you balance being a cheerleader with your career?

How do you balance being a cheerleader with working at NASA? I am a cheerleader at my high school and I am interested in aerospace engineering, but I also want to continue cheering in the future.
posted by Jenny, Takoma Park on March 10, 2013

Answer by Khadijah Latiff

Hi Jenny! I don't know much about cheerleading... or what cheerleading entails in adulthood. I'm an electrical engineer and a salsa dancer. I am fortunate enough to live in a big city with a vibrant salsa dancing scene. I have performed and participated in competitions and have no problem keeping up with dancing alongside engineering. In fact, I know at least 3 other engineers who are actively performing and training at our studio. So it should not be a problem to keep up with the cheering unless it requires extensive periods of travel or conflicting with work schedule.