How many years would it take to fully become a engineer?

Hello! I hope this is not weird but I'm 12 and I am going to turn 13 next month and I really want to become a engineer because most of my family members are engineers and it sounds so cool. I love math..not really science, but when it comes to the structure like nature and structure, I really enjoy them. I am a high 80% on math and 72% on science, would that be okay for me right now for my age if I want to become engineer in the future? How many Years would it take to fully become a engineer? I really want to finish my education quickly and become a engineer.. I have a long way ahead I mean basically. I want to become a engineer quickly and I want to prepare to become one from now.
posted by Sarah, Toronto, Ontario on August 4, 2016

Answer by Jamie Krakover

It sounds like you are on the right track to becoming an engineer. Stick with the math and science for sure. Also you can look for extra curricular activities that might increase your knowledge of math and/or science. Robotics clubs, science/math clubs might be good places to start. Talk to your math and/or science teachers they may be able to direct you to some activities of interest. 

As for how long it takes to become an engineer, every person's path is different. But there are some things you can do to help make things go quicker. Take advanced placement and/or college credit courses in high school to test out of classes in college. And make sure to keep your grades up in math and science but don't ignore the other subjects either they are just as important. But the more math and science you have under your belt early on, the easier it becomes later on.

Best of luck as you pursue your path to become an engineer. Keep working hard and you will reach your dream.