Classes to take to become an environmental engineer

Hi my name's Aleena and i'm hoping to go for environmental engineering. I'm 15 years old, all I wanted to ask was that what subjects should i go for and what degrees would i need if I want to go for this profession. I know it's a stupid question and all but still I wanted to know whether I can choose this profession or not.
posted by Aleena, Pakistan on February 21, 2015

Answer by Kristin Malosh

Hi Aleena- it's not a stupid question!
If you think you are interested in environmental engineering then you probably like math and science. Most engineering schools have an environmental engineering program, sometimes it is associated with the Civil Engineering program and sometimes it is associated with the Agricultural Engineering program. Classes that you would take for an Environmental Engineering degree would include wastewater design and treatment systems, landfill design, air pollution control, for example.  While still in high school, take as much math and science as you can- if you can add an advanced Biology or Physics or Math class- do it! When you are looking for colleges, be sure to look specifically at the engineering school to see if they highlight a specific environmental program.  Good luck!  ~Kristin