Combining civil and environmental engineering

Hi, My name is Aarya. I am 15 years old. Next year I will be in year 11 and i am confused about my subject selection as I am hovering over two different engineering professions (civil and environmental). What subjects should I pick which will be in favor of both civil and environmental. How can I be an environmental engineer with a bachelors degree of civil engineering?
posted by Aarya on July 25, 2014

Answer by Danielle Forget Shield P.E.

A lot of Environmental Engineers have a bachelors in Civil Engineering. Civil Engineering focuses on 3 major areas: structural, water resources, and soils. Both water resources and soils have major impacts on the environment. Environmental Engineering also covers 3 major areas: air, water, and soil. So, it’s easy to see the overlap between Civil and Environmental. Choosing classes at this point in your education is still a broad learning experience. Even in college, most engineering majors take the same classes their first two years in an engineering program. The basics of general sciences and math teach problem solving and analysis. Just push yourself to learn and understand how to solve problems. That’s what engineering is all about.

Danielle Forget Shield