Is metallurgical engineering a good course for girls?

Do girls have any scope in Metallurgical Engineering? Is it a good course for girls?

posted by Bhumi, Ahmedabad on July 7, 2014

Answer by Hannah M. Noll

Let me start by first saying that any course of engineering is great for girls!  I picked metallurgical engineering, because it was something I knew nothing about and I love learning.  In fact there is still so much to learn about metallurgical engineering!!

In general, though, there are relatively fewer girls who study metallurgical engineering than other disciplines.  When I was in college there were about 4 or 5 other girls studying metallurgical engineering that graduated with me, and about 20 boys.  Although there is a lot of math, metallurgical engineering requires a good understanding of chemistry.

Most of the time, metallurgical engineers find jobs in maufacturing (steel mills or metals processing) or metallurgical labs (testing and forensics).  I love working in a manufacturing setting, there is plenty of engineering and lots of interaction with the operators/workers.  Not only does this allow me to exercise my engineering knowledge but it also allows me to develope my interpersonal skills and leadership techniques, both of which I think girls are inherently good at.  Therefore, I think metallurgical engineering is a great choice for girls!