How important is a master's degree?

Hi! I am about to graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Bioengineering and I was wondering how important it is in today's job world to have a Master's in order to get a job.

I know that a Master's is always useful in getting a raise, etc. However, is it truly close to impossible to find a job in the Bioengineering field with just a Bachelor's degree?

Thanks for your help! (:
posted by Sonia, Anaheim, CA on July 5, 2014

Answer by Dr. Monique Frize

An undergraduate degree is a good step to find work in this field. However, a Master's certainly provides an advantage, not so much in terms of salary (although it should add to that too), but in terms of finding a more interesting job. A Master's degree teaches how to go more deeply into a problem, how to better identify a problem, research what is known about that. and how to find a good solution. The main point though to keep in mind is that before choosing a thesis topic and a supervisor, you need to search what is out there, and identify what aspects in this field you are most interested in.

Good luck for a successful completion of your studies!