Certificates needed to find a mechanical engineer job

Which certificates do I need to get when applying mechanical engineering job?
posted by Abdirahim, Nairiob on July 2, 2014

Answer by Dr. Janet Y. Tsai

It depends on the industry in which you are applying and the country! 

In the USA - most engineering companies recognize the FE (fundamentals of engineering) as well as PE (professional engineering) certifications. More details on those exams/certificates are available here: http://ncees.org/ . 

Also note - many USA companies do not require the FE or PE for hire. While certifications look good on a resume, many mechanical engineers do get jobs and have jobs despite never taking the FE or PE exams. 

If you are curious about specific companies' practices, I would suggest looking at their LinkedIn information or at a website like www.glassdoor.com which can give more of "insider" opinions on how a specific company works. Hope that helps and best of luck to you!