What are some things I can do to get a taste of engineering?

Hi. My name is Mahalia and I'm 14. I'm interested in becoming an environmental engineer and I was wondering, what are some things I can do to, now, to kind of get a taste of engineering?
posted by Mahalia, Pearl City on June 30, 2014

Answer by Lauren Gordon

Hi Mahalia!

It's so great to hear from you, and to see that you have interest in becoming an environmental engineer! Enrolling in a variety of math and science courses while in school is a great start. If your are interested in the environmental aspect of engineering, taking classes like chemistry, physics, astronomy and biology are an important base for engineering. When I was in high school, I found several science/engineering/math based summer programs/camps offered by local universites and colleges that I enrolled in, that really helped further my interest in engineering. 

Hope that helps!
Lauren Helland