Should I make a decision base on my passion?

Dear senior engineers,

I am happy to announce that I have gain acceptance into Purdue University! I plan on doing engineering . However, as to what specific engineering i want to home in on, I'm still ambivalent. I am vacillating between civil, chemical and mechanical. I cant make a decision because I'm just so hung up on the job demand out there and not really asking myself where my passion lies among these careers. Should I make a decision base on my passion or on what is out there available for me to secure a job? Thanks.

Damsel in Distress.
posted by Jessie, Indiana on June 17, 2014

Answer by Zahra Khan

Go with your passion.

As my professors used to say, an engineering education teaches you how to learn.

Engineers are always needed. The fields you're deciding between are all pretty basic so don't worry about job market, pick something you love so you'll be motivated to excel in it.