Passionate for engineering and art

I have been trying to figure out what career I would most enjoy, and I sort of stumbled across environmental engineering. This field has all the potential for me to thoroughly enjoy my work except one, being an artist.

I love math and science, asking questions, knowing why a formula works, I am passionate about helping others and conserving the resources we have. I love the outdoors, and I saw that there are some positions that allow quite a bit of outdoor work. But I am an artist. I paint abstract art and portraits. It isn't a business, just a love, and I don't want to be in a place where I can't be using this. I know design happens, so there is creativity, but are there companies that are very artistic?
posted by Stephanie, Minneapolis on June 1, 2014

Answer by Zahra Khan

Have you thought about industrial design?
That field is a great mix of art and engineering.

Check out the company IDEO for some cool industrial design projects.

There are definitely companies out there focusing on environmental industrial design.