I like Civil Engineering, but I also like working in the office

I'm interested in Civil Engineering. But I do not like to go on the site. So are there any branches in civil in which I can do my work in Office.
Thank you!
posted by Priyen, Valsad on June 1, 2014

Answer by Dr. Patricia D Galloway PE

Oh-there are several options for you!!! Most engineering companies do not necessarily require their engineers to go onto a job site and I am sure if you noted that request in your interviews, it would not be a problem.  There are several government agencies that employ engineers where you would also not be required to go onsite.  Companies, such as Boeing, or Ford Motor Company, etc.  Also have offices where you spend your time designing and do not have to be on a construction site.  So many options!!!  I am so pleased you are choosing engineering as the profession needs young girls like you!!!!  Good luck with your career path and please keep in touch when you land that perfect engineering/design job.  Best wishes.