Can I Get a B.S. in Chemical Engineering then a Graduate Degree in Biomedical Engineering?

I am interested in pursuit a career in biomedical engineering, but I am not sure if I should pursue a more general engineering approach such as chemical engineering to acquire the skills employers look for (I heard that most employers prefer candidates with either a mechanical, electronic, or chemical engineering degree as opposed to a biomedical engineering degree). I am considering getting a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and then, pursuing a M.S. or Ph. D. in biomedical engineering. I love the idea of working in tissue regeneration, or any field related to healthcare. I love biology and math. Do you think I can get the skills necessary to work in the biomedical field by getting a B.S. in chemical engineering, and then, a graduate degree in biomedical engineering?
posted by Maria, Dallas on May 16, 2014