I want to study space and technology

Hi friends,
I'm completed my Diploma in Civil Engineering but I'm interested in space & technology.... then what should I do now .. please give me some suggestions.. and after completing diploma, if any further education courses in online.
posted by Bhaskar, Anantapur Andhrapradesh india on May 15, 2014

Answer by Crystal Harris

I encourage you to research internships/fellowships for new graduates interested in Space and Technology. I know NASA has some programs that may or may not partner with other countries for students interested in travel and Engineering, etc. I believe it’s called NASA Pathways Opportunities or something to that affect. Also, don’t forget about local/regional small companies/labs that may have internships/fellowships for short periods of time. Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has a great summer internship program for student in the summer. It’s important to get out and get exposure in a field of study that you think you might want to spend a significant amount of your life pursuing.