Will I be facing any troubles if I take chemical engineering?

Hi, I'm from Chennai, India... I have completed my 12th grade.... I'm interested in taking up chemical engineering... but my mother is scared that I may become prone to allergies and blood cancer due to harmful chemicals in the industries. So I'm really confused of what to do now... and I feel so down.... can you please help me out... will I be facing any trouble in the future if I take chemical engineering? please give me a clear solution.... it's urgent.. waiting for your reply...
posted by E.Sarah, Chennai, India on May 10, 2014

Answer by Zahra Khan

Sarah, study what you're passionate about.

I'm.not a chemical engineer but a lot of engineers don't actually do field work. Many of us have desk jobs, technicians usually work in the actual factory etc though engineer may supervise.

So as a chemical engineer, you don't necessarily have to be personally working with chemicals.

Also there are extensive safety precautions taken to prevent people fr getting sick.