Can I Get A Job If I Have Tattoos?

I am a female very interested in studying Biomedical Engineering and pursuing a career in this field. Will it be more difficult to find jobs if I have tattoos? I already have 2nd piercings on both ears and plan to get a tattoo next to my left breast and one right under the crook of my right elbow.
posted by Alaia, Hackensack on May 2, 2014

Answer by Amelia Scharrer

Hi Alaia - Will is be more difficult for you to get a job if you have tattoos, maybe.  I would not worry about the multiple ear piercings or tattoos that can be easily covered by a normal work wardrobe. But Biomedical Engineering is a professional field, and some people see tattoos as unprofessional. You might want to wait on the elbow tattoo till you are working in the field and can get an idea of what type of appearance is considered appropriate.