Is Aeronautical Engineering A Good Option For Me?

Hi, I am a female higher secondary student, good at math and science and I would like to choose engineering as my career filed( aeronautical eng). Since there exists a male priority in this field, I request you to kindly suggest the engineering branches which will be suitable for me as a girl. Is aeronautical engineering a good option for me?
posted by Meenu M, Calicut, Kerala, India on April 16, 2014

Answer by Amelia Scharrer

Hi Meenu - It sounds to me like aeronautical engineer is a good option for you.  If it is something you are interested in and good at than go for it.  Both my college roommates were women who went into aeronautical engineering and they both now work for Boeing.  The only way to over turn the male majority is for women like you to pursue the career you want!